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Book a free wellness seminar at your workplace or organization.

Contact us to schedule a visit by a highly trained chiropractor or another healthcare professional. We work with health organizations in the region to promote healthy living.




Chiropractic Care: Talk to the experts and receive a complimentary health assessment (including a free spinal assessment and adjustment).

Nutrition: Speak with a local nutritionist and get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked by the Red Cross.

Pain Management: Learn how to manage and eliminate pain with our specialists.

Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist: Talk to our experts and create a plan that works for you, whether you are trying to get healthy, lose weight, or recover from an injury.

Orthopedic Care: Meet professionals who are trained to treat patients who have experienced injuries or have other orthopedic needs.


Note: All professionals may not be available for the time of your event. Availability is dependent on schedules.

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