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Cryotherapy VS. Ice Bath: What is best for recovery?

Emerging the body in frigid temperatures might feel painful, but research shows it provides copious health benefits. The cold limits blood vessels and reduces blood flow. And it relieves pain to help the body heal quicker after injury or strain. Ice baths are a prevalent method of recuperating after an injury, particularly in sports. In modern times, individuals have been taking on one more cold therapy method named cryotherapy. So, is cryotherapy better than an ice bath?


Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath

The usage of an ice bath dates back to the ancient Greeks! Cryotherapy is a fresher, much more operative option in the methods of recovery and transformation. Not only does it help persons with muscle and body retrieval rapidly, but it has been proven to help with long-lasting pain, weight loss, and more. Here are a few explanations for why cryotherapy is better than an ice bath.


Is Cryotherapy Better Than Ice Baths

Here are a few explanations for why cryotherapy is better than an ice bath:


     Temperature and timings:

The ice bath temperature can merely reach around 45℉ to 60℉, which will be the same temperature as your skin. Cryotherapy touches nearly -220℉ to -280℉ turning the skin 32℉ to 35℉. The dry cold air does not disturb the body's muscles as the cold only enters ½ mm deep into the skin.

The time you’re in the cryotherapy compartment is around 2 to 3 minutes, delivering an almost instantaneous effect. However, an ice bath takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes for the full effects to come on-stream.


An ice bath is almost unmanageable to control as there is no method to evaluate the precise temperature. And what the correct temperature for your body mass and workout routine should be!

There are no methods to regulate the influence the tolerated cold has on your inner system, what your body's reactions are or if you are imposing damage through the tenacious cold on a single area. Thus, you could be overburdening yourself and putting your body in an unsafe position.

The cold has infiltrated the skin, so it is not a straightforward warm-up procedure. And it can take the body an extended time to warm through. Cold can tighten muscles, so you might also need to be assured you dry off properly and warm up around 30 to 60 minutes later to evade any dangers.


     Resuming activity:

In cryotherapy, everyday activities can be restarted directly after departing the cryotherapy chambers. The body typically notices a back-to-normal temperature, and blood is disseminated back to the bordering muscles and organs.

In an ice bath, recommencing activities proximately is very unmanageable due to stiffness of the muscles. One is consequently necessitated to rest for a time of 24 hours. It is to permit the muscles to recuperate back to their standard functionality.



Looking at all the data, we know that whole body cryotherapy is the clear winner for those who want to take their retrieval, and general physical and psychological health to a superior level. At Probe Cryotherapy, we are enthusiastic about offering whole-body Cryo Relief. This cryotherapy treatment starts a self-healing procedure in your body.

Probe is happy to offer our $30 new client special! It's never been easier to try whole-body cryotherapy!


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