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Postpartum Chiropractor

Serving Woodbury Heights and Southern New Jersey

Having a baby can be extremely challenging for your body, both physically and emotionally. There is sleep deficit, limitless breastfeeding, and diaper changing. And the new attitude of putting your baby’s needs before your own! Honestly, it is fatiguing.

Nevertheless, as a new mommy, you must also care about yourself and indulge in well-deserved self-love.


Why You Need To See a Chiropractor After Birth

After all, you can only give your baby the best form of care if  YOU are feeling good. Thus, here are some reasons to see a chiropractor after birth.


1. First-Class Posture

Pregnant women’s bodies acclimate to diverse postures throughout pregnancy and post-childbirth. They have a changed posture when walking and a new one while breastfeeding the baby. Also, picking the baby up from its cot challenges posture. And when bending over the toilet bowl after a session of morning sickness, it’s again different.

An expert chiropractor works with you to help you define the position that works best for you. And the guidance you get from one of our Probe Chiro experts enables you to circumvent issues. These issues include back pain reduction, pelvic discomfort, and carpal tunnel syndrome. We can use the Webster technique to help!

2. Chiropractic Inspires Faster Post-pregnancy Healing

Being with a child is threatening, and childbirth is even rougher. The postpartum time is far from stress-free. That’s why considering a chiropractor throughout and after pregnancy is indispensable. And the body wants time and a tad of exercise to rapidly return to its usual condition. So that's where good postpartum chiropractic care is needed.

A chiropractor comprehends the vital role the spine and brain have in getting the body working normally and back on track. And with that information in mind, they use their abilities and proficiency to hasten postpartum healing. Thus they focus on readjusting the spine, kick-starting the body’s healing procedure.


3. Decreases pain

Pregnant women go through all sorts of pain before and after childbirth. And while all women come across pain, new mothers seem to agonize more. The patient bears heaps of uneasiness and pain in the neck and shoulders. Thereby neck and shoulder pains frequently bring about troublesome headaches.

Add all these pains to the mother’s lack of sleep since your baby is crying through the night. And you have a tired mom who desires rest and stability. So experts perform chiropractic changes that ease pregnancy-related backache, wrist pain, and elbow agony. And with their know-how, neck, shoulder, and back pain cease to exist.

4. Supports and Stimulates Pelvic Reintegration

Are you going through pelvic pain and uneasiness? Excellent chiropractic for pregnancy and postpartum can and will do miracles for your pelvis. Thus upsetting intercourse, feeble pelvic and back muscles, and leaks can make new mommies feel tremendously irritated.

Countless moms don’t like their different postpartum looks. And they don't think they are the lovely person they were before pregnancy and after delivery. So these interminable problems make maternity feel like one long period of torture.

You actually should go for pelvic reintegration directly after childbirth. If you don’t, the probabilities are good. You'll soon start detesting parenthood. And if you’re not cautious, you might fall into postpartum depression.

Seeing a Postpartum Chiropractor in Woodbury Heights, NJ

Chiropractic care is a natural way to help settle the body, which in sequence will allow you to be free from pain, and deal with issues rather than concentrating on the physical pain.

​If you are feeling pre and post-natal pains, please talk to your doctor to know your options. Our Probe Chiropractic Team delivers industry-leading postpartum chiropractors in Woodbury heights. We have a network that includes nutrition experts, pain management, orthopedic care, and physical treatment.

Our Location

​If you are feeling pre and post-natal pains, please talk to our postpartum chiropractors to know your options. Probe Chiropractic is located just off of highway 45, and is a short drive from Woodbury Heights, Woodbury, Deptford, and Cherry Hill, NJ.

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