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Chiropractors in Woodbury

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Probe Chiropractic

Office Hours

Monday: 8 AM-8 PM

Tuesday8 AM-12 PM | 2-8 PM

Wednesday: 8 AM-8 PM

Thursday: 8 AM-12 PM | 2-8 PM

Friday: 8 AM-8 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM-12 PM

Sunday: 9 AM-12 PM


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Probe Chiropractors in Woodbury Heights will help you feel better, recover from injury, and increase your quality of life with the natural healing powers of Chiropractic medicine! Our chiropractors have been seeing clients for decades, honing their craft to ensure that you receive the best care possible at the most affordable rate in New Jersey.

Whether you need a car accident chiropractor, post-partum recovery, or sports medicine, we have your back!

World-class healing

Quality is our way of life. That's why all of our chiropractors are board certified and continue their education well past the state required minimums.

Our team is dedicated to helping you naturally feel pain free so that you can live your best life! When you feel good, it's much easier to be happy and kind! Chiropractic treatments are one of the best ways to help the body use it's natural recovery mechanisms. Sometimes after a time of stress or injury, our bodies can need help from a medical professional. If your doctor has recommended surgery, drugs, or another invasive/expensive treatment plan, call us so that you can better understand your options before signing up.

Woodbury Heights, NJ Chiropractor Services

chiropractors in woodbury

Our certified chiropractic team is world class and dedicated to getting you back to feeling 100%! 

Chiropractic treatment is a natural way to heal the body, saving you time, money, and discomfort compared to other treatment methods.

cryotherapy in woodbury new jersey

Our 740 Mantua Pike location offers both spot and whole body cryotherapy treatments.

For whole body healing from stress, illness, or discomfort, nothing beats cryotherapy!

pain management in woodbury heights

We all feel pain from time to time. Whether it's knee pain, neck pain, back pain, or any other type of bodily discomfort, we're here to help your body heal naturally!

Probe Chiropractic FAQ

Is 740 Mantua Pike still open during COVID-19?

- Yes, Probe's main office is open to our full facility of chiropractors, cryotherapy, and pain treatment.


Where is a Probe Chiro location near me?

- Visit us at 740 Mantua Pike in Woodbury Heights, NJ.


Does 740 Mantua Pike offer full-body cryotherapy?

- Yes, our flagship location has a new, state-of-the-art cryotherapy tank to get you healed faster and easier than spot treating cryotherapy.


What is the most common treatment for pain?

- Whether you have knee, back, neck, or foot pain, we recommend seeing Dr. Probe for an initial consult. Once he has an accurate view of your unique body, he will prescribe the right chiropractic and cryotherapy treatment plan.

Is Probe Chiropractic accepting new clients?

- Yes! We are now open to new clients after our expansion.


Does Probe Chiropractic work with kids?

- Yes! Chiropractic care is safe for individuals of any age.

Do you have car accident chiropractors?

- Yes! All of the chiropractors at Probe at trained, educated, and certified to help in post-traumatic situations, including car accidents and motor vehicle collisions.

Can Chiropractors Prescribe Medicine in NJ?

- No. In the state of New Jersey, chiropractors are not permitted to prescribe medication. Their scope of practice is limited to performing manual therapies like spinal manipulation, providing nutritional advice, and recommending exercises and lifestyle changes to help manage pain and improve overall health. If a patient needs medication for their condition, the chiropractor may refer them to a medical doctor or another healthcare professional who has the authority to prescribe medication.

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